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Schroeder’s, San Francisco, USA

Leibspeise would like to thank Karin Leppin for her contribution to our site. Here’s what she wrote about Schroeder’s in San Francisco. According to  her report and the video below it looks like an appropriate spot to encounter some authentic Oktoberfest action this coming October…

Searching for a place to watch the final game of the European soccer championship in summer 2008 (Germany vs. Spain) we found a place in San Francisco called „Schroeder’s“. Located downtown in a street busy during the week and quiet on weekends. We almost didn’t find it, but then followed the German flags and T-Shirts. Inside we found public viewing with almost no difference to any Biergarten in Germany. Many German fans, but also the Spanish – who unfortunately won the championship and hence drunk more beer than the Germans! The food was ok. Classical mostly Bavarian dishes such as Bratwurst and Sauerkraut or Spätzle.



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German delights in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Chances are that unless you are an academic snob, you’ve never heard of a small Midwestern town called Ann Arbor, Michigan. Neither did Leibspeise, but thanks to Diane from the University of Michigan we learned that it has a surprisingly vivid German food culture:

The University of Michigan is pretty well known for Medicine, Engineering and Business, so there’s lots of clever expats here who like to be able to buy their own foods. Besides that, the automotive industry – albeit in shambles – , still has a few wealthy people left who all live here. Hence a good density of specialty shops.

Zingerman's famous sandwich as features in Oprah'sMost importantly: Zingerman’s.  They are not German, but used to have a German master baker named Rene who tought them to make Vollkornbrot, rye bread, “pain de montagne” that despite its French name and origin is what our US Leibspeise blogger would call a delightful “Graubrot” in German.  Zingerman is famous, their sandwiches have been on Oprah…  Ann Arbor also has a decent German restaurant: Metzgers.

frankenmuthAbout an hour from Ann Arbor, there’s the very scary and touristy town of Frankenmuth, but I will admit that the food I had there was pretty good.  Same goes for the Dakota Inn where I go for Oktoberfest every year and of course German Park. Lots of local Microbreweries brew some decent Greman beer. So, Leispeise hopes that everyone will now remember Ann Arbor, Michigan for its great German food.

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