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Löwenbräu Keller & Bavarian Beer Cafe Sydney, Australia

Guinness World Record Holder most steins carriesThe Löwenbräu Keller is a real Sydney institution. Established in 1976, the Löwenbräu Keller attracts the crowds: On a Saturday night up to 1,500 people enjoy the Sydney version of Bavaria, eat about a thousand meals and no doubt drink lots of beer. No wonder, the Löwenbräu Group (including 6 Bavarian Bier Cafes across town) needs the equivalent of 300 pigs a month to feed their hungry customers.

People love the high quality food and Leibspeise’s sampling of Löwenbräu’s meals can confirm their authenticity. The menu includes pork knuckels, gulash soup, bread dumplings, spätzle, wurstsalat, pork crackling, and of course lots of  different schnitzels. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Australia; however, all beers, schnaps, sauerkraut, pickles, red cabbage and mustard are imported from Germany.

Löwenbräu beautyLöwenbräu is more than just beer and food. It provides a whole Bavarian entertainment package: bar tenders in Lederhosen, blond girls in Dirndls serving Steins and oom pah pah blasmusik bands. This holistic concept has won Löwenbräu multiple awards.

Leibspeise’s verdict: a perfect stereotypical Bavarian world with really good Bavarian food and beer that obviously reflects only one part of German food culture.

Verena and Katharina welcome you at the Löwenbräu in Sydney:

More information and reviews:

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Bavarian Smallgoods & Butchery, Sydney, Australia

lecker-wurstwaren“Bratwurst” – that’s what springs first to mind when thinking about German food. Indeed Ricky, the founder and butcher of Bavarian Smallgoods & Butchery in Ermington, Sydney, had his own Bratwurst experience when he came to Australia in 1984. Being a butcher by trade, he was keen to test all sorts of meat and sausages at his first Aussie BBQ. Unfortunately, Ricky’s first Aussie BBQ sausage didn’t go down too well and maybe this was the reason why he started his own butcher business shortly after this incident.

Rickys MeisterbriefRicky is very proud of what he does and how he does it. All of the 100 or so meat products in his butchery are made by Ricky based on his own recipes from years of butcher experience back in Germany. He buys all meat in Australia, but spices, sausage casings and also the wood chips for smoking are from Germany. When entering his smallgoods and butchery business in Ermington you are surrounded by all the best smells of a traditional German butcher. You literally smell what you will buy.

Try the Mettwurst, Teewurst, smoked Blackforest Ham and Leibspeise’s favourite: the little Nürnberger sausages. A small range of gourmet condiments and other treats add to the fabulous range of meats. Leibspeise can’t resist telling all Aussies that, yes, you can brew good beer, but the sausages are no way near Ricky’s six varieties of Bratwurst (Nürnberger, German, Gypsy, Herb & Garlic, Kalbsbratwurst, Thüringer).

wurstfreuden bratwursteldorado

!!! Recent news !!!

Many fans of German small goods recently let us know that unfortunatelly Ricky has closed down his shop in Ermington. For good, Leibspeise can confirm. If you guys down-under come across any other great butcher, please let us know via email to Leibspeise.

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Lüneburger German Bakery, Sydney, Australia

Ahmet - Mr. LüneburgerAhmet, the founder of Lüneburger German Bakery could well be described as a saviour for all Germans living in Sydney. Since December 2005, Sydneysiders can indulge in true German baking delights such as crusty multigrain bread, pumpkin seed bread rolls, Pretzels and lots of different pastries. As most Germans in Sydney, we became absolute fans of Lüneburger and we are not the only ones.

Belegtes BrötchenClearly, Ahmet is onto something. Would you believe that the QVB store alone sells more than 700 “belegte Brötchen” a day?! Lüneburger has many fans: Australians love sandwiches and pastries, Asians go for the sweet stuff and Germans, of course, predominantly buy the bread.

Thankfully, Ahmet changed his career from being a goldsmith to starting the only German bakery chain in Sydney. You can find Lüneburger stores in the QVB, Macquarie Shopping Center, Miranda, Parramatta and Wynyard Station (Check the links below for detailed locations and opening hours).  Shops at Central Station and Chatswood are soon to come… Although Ahmet has received business offers from countries like Mexica, India, Dubai, Ireland, USA, Canada, Egypt and England, rumour tells us that so far he wants to focus on Australia with possible stores in Melbourne and other cities.

Lüneburger Store in QVB Display

Further information / Links:

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