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bärlin Deutsches Wirtshaus, Seoul, Korea

baerlin Deutsches WirtshausAfter 1.5 months of traveling, Leibspeise finally found a German restaurant that is different and doesn’t thrive on the Bavaria theme: bärlin Deutsches Wirtshaus in Seoul, Korea. baerlin is a modern German Wirtshaus, featuring a nice and simple interior with large black and white photographs of the Brandenburg Gate and the Oberbaum Bridge. The wide windows make the venue bright and there is also a beer garden.

It truly was a delight to browse through baerlin’s comprehensive German menu. Simply the fact that bärlin distinguishes between Kartoffelsalat from North and South Germany is an indication that baerlin serves food from ALL areas in Germany. By the way, Leibspeise (from Southern Germany, but not Bavaria) is open minded and accepts that people add mayonnaise to potato salad, but clearly Schwaebischer Kartoffelsalat is the best.

Leibspeise sampled a Lunch special at bärlin (Pork Wellington) and was delighted both with taste and presentation. Also the Nuernberger (made at the baerlin) and the potato-cucumber salad were truly nice. The Rote Grueze was the perfect finish for an already great lunch. Not only Leibspeise enjoyed their lunch at bärlin, but also three local Korean ladies indulged in a Schweinshaxe accompanied with real German Weizenbier (see picture below).

Pork Wellington Rote Grueze

Schweinshaxe mit Chefkoch baerlin Tageskarte

baerlin und Brandenburger TorKoreans and German food

You can find bärlin in the Sommerset Palace building, close to the subway station Anguk.

Leibspeise’s verdict: a true gem due to its modern German look as well as the yummy holistic German cuisine.


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July 12, 2009 at 4:46 am 3 comments

Ach so! Baeckerei & Konditorei, Seoul, Korea

Ach so! bakeryAnother country, another mission to find German culinary treats. Leibspeise was very successful and made an impromptu visit to Ach So! Baeckerei & Konditorei in Seoul. Finding the shop was not very tricky, a large “Neueroeffnung” sign welcomed us and pretty much every sign was written in German. Once we entered the Bakery, we found it full of German books, children fairytale tapes (who owns tape players these days especially in Korea 😉 ), posters, maps, and even a Werner and a Wetten Dass Book! And of course we were delighted to see lots of German bread and bread rolls on the shelves.

Auch so! VollkornbrotThe Korea shop keeper was happy to chat away in German with us. The Bakery was founded by a Korean, who used to live in Dortmund and became a German Baker Master there. The shop is closely located to the German embassy and German school, so clearly many Germans call in, but also Koreans fancy German bread as it is considered to be very healthy.

Leibspeise liked it a lot at Ach so! bakery and we were even treated to a yummy ‘Belegtes Broetchen mit Kaese und Wurst’, a rare find in countries where dairy products and processed meat are alien to the local cuisine. Leibspeise recommends to say hello to the Korean bakers, have a chat and enjoy all the German little bits and pieces in the shop.

Ach so! menu Ach so! belegtes Broetchen

Ach So! DeutschsammelsuriumWetten Dass in Seoul ?


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July 2, 2009 at 10:58 am 7 comments

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