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Herman Ze German, London, England

It’s been a quite a while since our last post on  the Leibspeise blog. Not because there are no more interesting German food places around the world, but because we finished our world travels and settled for a somehow more steady life in Berlin. So … this is to all German food culture lovers out there: We reckon this blog is a great idea. Please help us grow it and send in your favorite German food story to Leibspeise.

For this story, Leibspeise didn’t have to travel that far: London – the home of the Herman Ze German sausage stall. It’s the story of a German couple  that owned a little stall selling German sausages. Traveling from one festival to another they just had one dream: settling down and opening their own shop in London.

So they did: End of 2010 Florian Frey and his girlfriend Azadeh Falakshahi, both Germans from the Black Forest, opened their own shop right between Charging Cross and Embankment tube station. Florian, originally a hairdresser, says: “When we moved to the UK we both missed German sausages and started to bring them over for us and our friends.” The couple still imports their sausages from a small producer in Germany, from the village the couple grew up in. Needless to say that what Germans consider a sausage and what English consider a sausage are completely different. Thanks to Florian and Azadeh you now can enjoy a real sausage in the underdeveloped sausage city of London.

The couple is not only selling the normal Bratwurst in their shop, they also offer Bockwurst, Leberkäse, sandwiches and German bakery products like berliner, pretzels or German farmers bread. Their bestseller is their yummy Currwurst. The little shop runs well and so the couple started to offer shirts with their logo on it and already have a bit of cult following.

Although not too far from Germany, Leibspeise likes Florian’s and Azadeh’s little shop and certainly could see that they both love what they are doing. Guten Appetit!

Check it out @:
Herman ze German
19 Villiers Street



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