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Baeckerei Kaffee Linde, Tokyo, Japan

LindeLeibspeise found a German Bakery in Tokyo. Unfortunately, the bakery is a bit out of the way for busy tourists (Subway station Kichijoji), so Leibspeise did not make it there. Still, Leibspeise was able to get some information about the Bakery and thinks it’s worth mentioning as Linde offers a great range of German bakery products.

Baeckerei Kaffee Linde was established 12 years ago by a Japanese man called Kenji Fujimoto. He saw a good business opportunity in opening a German bakery, but did not have the knowledge at first. Connected through the ‘German Christian Bakery Association” (amazing what is out there), he was taught by a German Baker Master from Stuttgart how to bake German breads and “Suesse Stueckle”.

Since then Baeckerei Kaffee Linde grew and they are even looking for additional German Bakers who can work hard and have an open mind ( . So you can be sure to get real German bread, breadrolls, and cakes.

Link: (only in Japanese though)

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Bernd’s Bar, Tokyo, Japan


This is Bernd and he welcomes you at his bar in Tokyo’s expat suburb Roppongi. Bernd’s Bar looks like a typical German “Kneipe” and like in every other Kneipe topics like Bundesliga and Formula 1 dominate conversations in this joint.

Of course, debating the latest football results and other important sport events makes people really hungry and thirsty, Bernd’s Bar offers lots of German beers and the obvious choices of hearty German pub food. It’s worth mentioning that Bernd’s Bar also has a selection of German wines.

Leibspeise doesn’t know if this is your cup of tea, but calling in to mingle amongst German expats and discussing the latest gossip from Germany is always a lot of fun and rumours say that Bernd occasionally is happy to shout some drinks. Just don’t go there on a Sunday as Bernd’s Bar is closed. 


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Konditorei Bayern & Juchheim-Die Meister, Hiroshima, Japan

Leibspeise already discovered some French infused bakeries in Kyoto and other cities around central Honshu and was very positively pleased to stumble across two German inspired Konditoreien in Hiroshima: Konditorei Bayern and Juchheim – Die Meister.

Konditorei BayernJuchheim Baumkuchen









Both offer finest cakes and biscuits for “Feinschmecker” in their shops that are nearly impossible to resist. Juchheim was already established in 1921 in Japan and now is managed in third generation with nearly 400 subsidiaries around Japan. Their speciality is Baumkuchen, but all other small biscuits and cookies look delicious, too. Some even have a German theme names like “Kreuzfahrtschiff” for a cake (see picture below).

Juchheim KreuzfahrtskuchenJuchheim Teebissen




Leibspeise says: “Feinstes fuer Feinschmecker in Japan”


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