The quest to search the world for German food

Leibspeise is German for “favourite food”. This blog is about discovering German food all over the world and creating a directory of German bakers, butchers, restaurants, beer gardens etc. outside of Germany.

No matter where Germans life or travel they are very fond of their traditional German food. Try and ask any German living abroad what he/she misses the most and the answer most likely will be dark, crusty bread and Bratwurst. There are also many non-Germans who fall in love with German food and of course German beer.

The Leibspeise bloggers are two keen German travelers who over the next year will explore numerous countries in search of German food. The quest will start in their hometown Sydney, Australia, then they will head to Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, China, Central Asia, Nepal and India.

An exciting project that eventually could expand all over the world. Here’s a map of where Leibspeise already has been:

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